Paneer Kurkure :: Crunchy cottage cheese finger balls with delicious Indian Pesto  16 GF

Tandoori Chicken :: Babu Ji specialty of marinated spiced free range chicken charred in the Tandoor  25 GF

Chat Pate Aloo :: Crispy baked potatoes with seasonal fruits and chat masala… A must try !!  16 GF

Goan Duck leg :: Roasted duck leg with pumpkin cinnamon sauce and lychee   24 GF

Fish Patre :: Mustard flavoured, steamed cooked Salmon in banana leave  25 GF

Bharwa Tamatar :: Smoked eggplant stuffed in Roasted truss tomatoes with goat cheese  16 GF

Matar ki Tikki :: Garlic infused Peas & Broccoli croquette with pickled gooseberry  16 GF

Batata Vada :: Mumbai street food, spiced lentil & potato, yoghurt, coriander & mint chutney  16 GF

Samosa :: Pomegranate & green mango powder spiced potato & peas in a crisp pastry with chutney  14

Papadum :: Fresh mint, tamarind & sweet mango chutneys  6 GF

Raita :: Crisp cucumber, carrot & yoghurt salad  5 GF


Butter Chicken :: Free range chicken cooked with tomato, cardamom & fenugreek  20 GF

Awadhi Lamb :: Macedon Ranges lamb roasted with rich spices & pounded masala  20 GF

Pahari Goat  :: Goat Curry cooked in its own juice with Himalayan spices  20 GF

Fish Curry :: Blue Grenadier turmeric, mustard seed & coconut milk curry, a must try for the adventurous  22 GF

Bhindi Adraki :: Ginger stir fried okra’s with aromatic herbs and spices , typical north Indian dish  18 GF

Aloo Gobi :: Spiced Punjabi potato and cauliflower curry with herbs and spices  18 GF

Chana Saag Masala :: Chickpeas mixed with dry and tangy spinach…. A classic dish for vegetarian 18 GF

Dal Makhani :: Black lentils, ginger, garlic & garam masala slow cooked for 12 hours   18 GF

Naan :: Garlic & Chive, Sesame & Onion Seed, Plain or Wholegrain Naan 5 ea

Gluten Free Naan :: Quinoa, chickpea and lentil flour with psyllium husk…. Babu Ji’s speciality 6 ea

Naan Basket :: 3 naan ordered as a basket 13

Rice :: Premium Aged Basmati Sella Rice 6 GF




GULAB JAMUN :: Indian donuts in a sweet syrup 6

RAS MALAI :: Cheese cake dumplings with saffron and cardamom flavoured milk 7

MANGO LASSI :: Yoghurt and mango smoothie 5 GF