Samosa 16 VG

Handmade crispy pastry filled with potatoes, peas, dried pomegranate & green mango powder

Papdi Chat 18 V

The motherland’s version of nachos and salsa, a must try for first-timers !! (vegan option available)

Soy Chili Cauliflower 19 GF / VG

Pan tossed cauliflower florets coated with scallions, soy sauce and almond flakes

Veg Momos 19 V

Indian style vegetarian dumpling, cherry tomatoes sauce and gun powder spice mix !!

Paneer Saslik 20 GF / V

Grilled cottage cheese, roasted capsicum, spiced yoghurt marination, mix berry relish

Prawn Momos 21

Prawn dumpling with coconut and wild pepper fry sauce and angel hair chili

Tandoori Chicken 25 GF

Babu Ji’s special free range chicken thigh fillets, charred corn with masala butter

Salmon Achari 25 GF

Atlantic salmon with pickled spices & roasted Dutch carrots, green coconut chutney

Butter Chicken 23 GF

Free range chicken cooked with tomato, cardamom & fenugreek

Saag Chicken 23 GF

Clay oven cooked with spinach and mustard leaves gravy

Lamb Rogan Josh 24 GF

Roasted lamb with whole spices, simmered in rogan josh curry

Channa Lamb 24 GF

Kabuli chickpea and lamb cooked together  to perfection with touch of mint

Beef Madras 24 GF

Rich stew of grass fed beef curry flavored with tamarind, clove and black pepper

Pork Vindaloo 24 GF

Diced Pork in tangy, fiery sauce, sprinkled crispy pork chicharron…

Meen Vevichathu 25 GF

Kerala red fish curry with pan seared “Blue grenadier”, young coconut & lemon grass

Palak Makahana 21 GF / V

Very famous festive season spinach curry with lotus seeds & yogurt cheese cubes

Baingan Bhartha 21 GF / VG

Fire roasted eggplant mash and green peas with smoky flavour, for our vegan friends

Alsi ke kofte 20 GF / VG

Indian version of falafel with flax seeds & curly parsley in chickpea gravy, vegan pleaser

Navratan Korma 20 GF / V

Sweet and sour curry with seasonal mix fresh vegetables & grated cottage cheese

Dal Makhani 19 GF / V

Black lentils, ginger, garlic & garam masala, slow cooked for 12 hours

Coconut Chana Masala 19 GF / VG

Chickpea curry, tamarind, young coconut, vegan’s favorite !


Naan 5 ea.

Choice of 3: Garlic & Chive, Sesame & Onion Seed, Plain

Naan Basket 13 V

3 naan ordered as a basket (from the above)

Kashmiri Naan 7 V

Crispy naan bread stuffed with almonds, cashews, dried fruits and coconut

Naan Margarita 7 V

Sundried tomatoes, mozzarella cheese , chopped basil

Gluten Free Naan 7 GF / VG

Quinoa, chickpea and lentil flour with psyllium husk…. Babu Ji’s speciality


Papadum 5 GF / VG

Lentil crisps served with assorted seasonal dips

Rice 6 / 7 / 7 GF / VG

Premium Aged Basmati Sella Rice (cumin | saffron | coconut)

Raita 6 GF / V

Crisp cucumber, carrot & yoghurt salad

Garden Mix Salad 6 GF / V

Indian twist on greek salad

Roasted Pumpkin 8 GF.

Ricotta, wild pepper, pumpkin seeds & sprinkled jaggery

Heirloom Carrots 8 GF / V

Honey, lemon thyme and coconut yogurt sprinkle

Something Sweet

Mango Lassi 5 GF

Homemade Yoghurt mango smoothie

Gulab Jamun 6

Indian donuts soaked in honey, saffron, rose syrup


Ras Malai 7

Flattened Cheesecake poached in sweetened creamy milk



Water  2.5

Soft Drinks  3.5

 Coke :: Coke Zero :: Coke Diet :: Lemonade

Lemon Lime Bitter 4.5

Ginger Beer (Non  Alcoholic)  5.5

San Pellegrino  5.5